Pausing for Pua

A few weeks ago Tony Pua, MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, Malaysia visited Perth and gave a presentation titled, Malaysia in a Tragic Year. I’d not met Tony before and […]

Come have a coffee and chat

My daughter remarked yesterday in one of those heart-to-heart conversations that take place on car journeys that she thought I like teaching more than I do research because I rarely […]

5 Lessons from a first-time Author

New Media and the Nation in Malaysia: Malaysianet, what does a first-time author say about her first monograph? A review of someone else’s book is fairly routine but one’s own? […]

The Insider-Outsider

In the course of the past year, I have visited Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China. With the exception of Malaysia, all are places where the Chinese population is dominant. […]

I teach and research in the field of media studies in Australia and was intrigued  recently when I saw the following ad on New Zealand television Time, according to this […]

The following list is of my research publications, which I update (last update: 27 July 2017). Wherever possible, I have included copies in PDF format. Some, however, are either book […]

Here’s one put together for an upcoming paper on China’s middle class:   [View the story “China’s moral crisis” on Storify]