Research Supervision

I’ve always liked playing with other people, perhaps it comes from growing up in a ragtag family of five siblings and neighbourhood play gangs in Singapore during the 1970s-80s. Yet […]

This year I find myself taking on more postgraduate supervisions than I’ve ever had, though not as many as some of my colleagues because I’m wary of the responsibility of […]

It isn’t easy providing timely feedback as a supervisor amidst the many tasks that call for your attention. Does one drop the lecture being prepared, the paper being written or […]

For the past few weeks I’ve been attending a series of seminars on research supervision, conducted by Geoff Hill, with staff from across the different faculties. Just this Monday we […]

I’m currently co-supervisor on a few projects. One of which is based on the transformative potential of digital storytelling and another on community media in the developing world. My students […]