Back on 2 Wheels

Say hello to Zahara, my new scooter, flight of fancy and freedom machine. No, really! When I left Brisbane to return to Perth, I had to sell my trusty Red […]

Going...Gone West!

I haven’t posted much on the blog this year for a number of reasons but most important of these is as stated above: we recently made the move from Brisbane […]


I call this blog Academia from a Scooter because most days that’s how I get to the campus where I work. The view from my modest little scooter is quite […]

Most days I ride a 50 cc scooter to the university. I started doing that in 2010 after a trio of parking tickets in as many weeks left me furious. […]


I very nearly gave up this site today because I spent far too many hours trying to figure out how to restore the ability to save hyperlinks when I have […]

I had a number of fancy terms in mind for this but decided that collection is probably a more honest way to sum up the motley mish mash of information […]