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A second new book for 2020!

It’s somewhat ironic but not unexpected if you understand how academic research unfolds, that this is the second book I have had a hand in publishing for 2020. Call me a slow academic if you like but it takes me years of work before the ideas, content, data, drafts and re-drafts result in a book that one is happy to see published. Gestation requires some stability and equilibrium, which in this case is the opportunity afforded me during the fellowship at Curtin University followed by the lectureship and Monash University Malaysia from 2015 to 2019.

In any case, through the funding available from the Australia Research Council we have been able to publish this as an open access volume (the link shows different). If you are interested in any part of the book, drop me a line!

I'm a research fellow at an Australian university where I work on a number of projects. These include projects to do with new media and migration and the Chinese diaspora in Australia, projects on the Malaysian internet, ethno-religious issues in Singapore and Malaysia. And, before I forget many of the photos I use on this site were taken by my sister, Jessie and myself. All rights are reserved.

A new book!