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A new book!

It’s been a loooong time between posts and, to be honest, I am not sure if anyone is reading this. I get the occasional email from my readers (ahem!) but the suspicion that I am talking out loud to myself on this site never ceases.

Anyway, after a drought of many years I am happy to announce I have one of three new books being published soon. This one, is about Global Internet Governance, and the idea that persists in current debates that there are only two possible models/ways to go about this. Here’s the link to the publisher’s page. I’ll update this post with a shot of the book cover once it’s released.

The basic premise is to remind internet policy makers and scholars that there have been other successful (albeit more modest) models that are not as ideologically absolute as the multistakeholder vs multilateral ones.

This, of course, is a familiar line I have taken with my research and teaching. Things are no longer, if they ever were, East vs West, colonial vs postcolonial, black vs white. There are lots of times when people, communities and governments have come up with their own way out of working things out without all the hullabaloo. They need to be observed too if we are to step away from the all the hot-air bellicose rhetoric and find workable, work-in-progress, solutions to human disagreement and conflicts.

I’d welcome any comments and feedback so drop me a line if you are so inclined ūüėČ

I'm a research fellow at an Australian university where I work on a number of projects. These include projects to do with new media and migration and the Chinese diaspora in Australia, projects on the Malaysian internet, ethno-religious issues in Singapore and Malaysia. And, before I forget many of the photos I use on this site were taken by my sister, Jessie and myself. All rights are reserved.