After the article, The Work of Disobedience, was published a reader commented on the futility of the exercise for people who are unemployed. The basic notion is, if you have no work, you can hardly ‘disobey’. On first reading the comment made some sense but it kept niggling me and I realised, having had the experience of joblessness in the family myself, that disobeying in the sense of reimagining what work means for you is even more important when one is jobless.

If we keep on thinking of our work in the same way that we have always done, then there can never be new-ness in how we approach what we do, when, why and how we do it. So ‘Reimagining work is a project for the unemployed too‘ was the follow-up article published a few weeks later. It’s not as clear as I wanted it to be and I reckon I’ll be mulling over the issue for a while yet.