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20140810_194208There are days when you wake up your head filled with words, phrases and titles that you struggle to put down on paper before they go pffft right out of your mind. And then there are days when you sit before the keyboard, fingers poised, readings primed and structure ready, only to be somehow unable to begin writing .

Everyone who writes knows what to do with the first – scramble to scribble it all down, it is the second scenario that we all struggle with. I’ve heard it called the writer’s block but the condition is a lot more debilitating than the term implies because it can eat away at your confidence even as you eye the dwindling number of weeks, days and hours to the promised deadline.

What do I do to get myself out of that hump? I write pieces like this, which I post here and sometimes I try doing tasks totally unrelated to the topic I need to write about. Going on social media is another favourite venue though increasingly I find myself at sites where I gaze and graze on writing, ideas, pictures, places and photos that are plain beautiful, in more ways than one. Current favourites are the crowd funding sites (like indiegogo and kickstarter) full of geeky, cheeky innovations, photography site, 500px and the website of magazine, Architectural Digest (I’m sure I’ve giving away lots of clues to my psyche with that choice of venues but as my daughter says, ‘meh, whatever’, don’t think I’m hiding very much anyway).

Does it always work, this sighting of however one defines beauty? Or does it make me shake my head in resignation at the impossibility of ever achieving such feats of beauty? A bit of both is the answer. The act of writing, that crafting of words to express one’s ideas that blogging like this starts does help to get one into a certain frame of mind. The diet of ideas I admire, places that amaze and houses I could never live in, spur me on somehow, not alas, to aspire to such homes as featured in Architectural Digest (I’d live in fear of messing up the sofa), but to somehow create my little bit of something beautiful after my own fashion. When I’m in what I think of as the primed-to-write state but can’t start writing for some reason, blogging, with its I-don’t-know-who-reads-this-stuff-anyway freedom works as a great way of easing into the drunken experience of writing, writing and writing.

So…mission accomplished. I’m off to work on that other piece now. 🙂


I'm a research fellow at an Australian university where I work on a number of projects. These include projects to do with new media and migration and the Chinese diaspora in Australia, projects on the Malaysian internet, ethno-religious issues in Singapore and Malaysia. And, before I forget many of the photos I use on this site were taken by my sister, Jessie and myself. All rights are reserved.

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