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Organising Posts Using Pages and a Custom Menu

So, I’m writing this post mainly for my own benefit because it took me a ridiculously long time to understand how this is done. Primarily because like most people I created the Pages first and then tried to find a way to ‘move’ my posts into these pages. That is to say, I thought of a blog like a web site and didn’t properly comprehend how different they are structurally.

I had chosen a theme with custom menus, which was the first necessary step but couldn’t figure out what the next step was for the life of me. This is despite reading several related articles in the WordPress support forum. Then, after trying several things I found out it’s a lot simpler than I’d ever have thought. The real change I needed to make is in my appreciation of the grammar of blogs. So, long story short, to remind myself and for the benefit of anyone who might need to refer to this again, here’s what you do:

1) Create Categories first

2) apply Categories to individual posts

3) then go to ‘Appearance’, choose ‘menus’

4) Select the ‘Categories’ (see screenshot) not the Pages (you can see them in the screenshot because I’d created the Pages first and then thought I could place the posts in there like a container, uh, so wrong) even if you have created them and click on ‘Add to Menu’

5) Voila! The posts grouped under the same categories appear on Pages. They also appear on the first page unless I select a static front page. Next on my to-do list, maybe. 🙂


Postscript: Did set up the static front page but didn’t like it.

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