When we falter, where do we turn

to shore up our faith

in our selves, our dreams and our ideals?


2 reactions greet me in these times:

those who mock individuals who dare believe

that life and work and being

is more than possessions, status and success

grow up! stop dreaming! they advise

when really what they want to do is to put you down

and make sure your visions of a future

where work can have meaning beyond the self

does not displace their gilded images of their todays.


Then there are those who urge

‘keep the faith’, ‘don’t give up’

one day…they say…all will be well.

you will strike the mother lode

and all your dreams will come true.

so keep on working

keep on struggling

collect your reward

at the end of the road


When I falter, I turn to…

my reason for being

for writing, research and teaching

to question

the dominant ways of our times

I know no other way

It’s not a question

of being true to one self

I am fickle yet

there is no other way

for me to be but as I am