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Macquarie University’s Soft Power Advocacy and Research Group

Macquarie University has recently established a Soft Power Advocacy and Research Group (SPARC). Their aims are to:

“Pursue a broad agenda of research and analysis to develop new theories and debate around models for soft power and public diplomacy.
Develop affiliations and strategic partnerships with key national and international organisations spanning the public and private sector, government agencies and select academic institutions.
Develop and collaborate on cooperative projects and ventures related to soft power and public diplomacy between Australia, China and India (and communities from within the Chinese and Indian diasporas) that attain knowledge exchange, education and cultural understanding.”

My research on franchise nations seems to fit right in there even if I am not as directly concerned with soft power as I am with relationships between India and China and their diasporas. Still, it seems the closest of research institutes I’ve come across to my own work. How next to proceed?

I'm a research fellow at an Australian university where I work on a number of projects. These include projects to do with new media and migration and the Chinese diaspora in Australia, projects on the Malaysian internet, ethno-religious issues in Singapore and Malaysia. And, before I forget many of the photos I use on this site were taken by my sister, Jessie and myself. All rights are reserved.

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