Just Because

Writing and Circadian Rhythms

I took a break from writing after the last chapter but am back with a vengeance today with enthusiasm brought on by the absence of a response from the publisher re my explanation for not meeting the promised deadline. It is a strange but after all the pressure of trying to meet the impossible first deadline, which happens to be today, 16 August, I was so relieved at the confession of fallibility that I totally dropped the ball.

As a rule I hate missing deadlines of any kind. If I have a meeting I am usually early and appointments of any kind are rarely forgotten except when deliberate or in a state where holding body and mind together is impossible. So missing a deadline agreed upon with a third party is anathema to how I function. It’s a big deal. Now I am dreading the punishment that the powers-that-be will let fall on my head for not keeping up my end of the bargain. Does their lack of response mean they’ve given up on me? Or are they too busy to even notice my email? Is someone on leave? Fired? Promoted? Moved on?

My only strategy for dealing with this is to plough on under the assumption that at some point the publishers will come across my email and expect the manuscript to be in their hands without fail the second time round. Which means, really, that I have 6.5 weeks to complete 2 chapters, one conclusion and include the bits from the axed chapter that need to be stuffed in for the whole thing to make sense. This week should hopefully see one chapter done so that leaves 6 weeks to do the last and newest chapter. Allowing myself 3 weeks at a maximum to complete that and then, 1 week to work in crucial bits and another for the conclusion followed by a last, frenzied week cleaning up after myself.

And if the publishers have written me off as a slacker due to my failure to keep to my very first book deadline? Crap!@$(*_#Y&*!&@ But at least I will have a reasonable manuscript to hawk around with. I hope.


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